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Hey everyone! Since I so rarely post in my personal journal, I just wanted to make a sticky post directing anyone who may find their way here to my fan fiction community. That is where you can find all of my writing, and where the majority of my posting will be done. So, if you are looking for FICS, go here:

Thanks! <3

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I think I've done this meme like twice in my journal before, but I like to re-do it whenever my interests drastically change (like going from American rock to Jpop to Kpop). I don't know why, it's just fun I guess XD

1. List your top ten favorite men/footballers/celebrities/fictional characters.
2. Answer all the questions listed.
3. Make a post!
4. Whoever wants can do this. Spread the fun all around!

Doing this in no particular order~ anyone who knows me knows Yesung would be 1 if it was XD
1. Zhou Mi
2. Alexander
3. Sungmin
4. Yesung
5. Onew
6. Kyuhyun
7. Ryeowook
8. Key
9. Kevin
10. Eli

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sjm why so hot?

I have spent like all day staring at the new SJM pics. I am dying to get my repackage album now XD
Everyone looks so good! I mean, of course they do, but god I am glad there are no pictures of Siwon in that porcupine hat. I don't really get why he is eating an apple or whatever it is, but it's still an improvement. And then Hyukjae... honestly I used to consider him as one of the less attractive members, but lately I've really fallen in love with his looks, and especially recently he is looking gorgeous. He has really pretty eyes~ As for the others, well Min looks amazing but he always does. I'm pretty sure they couldn't make that man look bad if they tried... though he is also my biggest bias in SJM XD Zhou Mi is still looking fine too, I mean he has always been attractive but his Perfection look is really, really hot. I have to admit that's what got me to pay attention to him (of course I don't just like him for his looks, he is amazing all around <3). Kyu is still rocking the eyeliner which is always a plus, I think they all are in this but it looks particularly good on him, he needs to wear it more often! Donghae..he's always kind of fallen in the middle for me for looks; there's no denying that he's very attractive, I guess I just like the really pretty types like Sungmin and Wookie more. But akadgkjaj; that pic where he's like biting his thumb, so hot~ And speaking of pretty boys, Wookie is also looking lovely! Though honestly I think I prefer his adorable style from Fly, either way he is gorgeous <3 Last but not least, can't forget the always cute Henry! His face in the one picture is so adorable, I just want to hug him or something XD

And off the topic of SJM for a second, Bonamana Japanese!!! It's probably going to sound super weird but I will get used to it eventually. The first time I heard Sorry Sorry Japanese ver. I was like 'wtf is this?' but now I listen to it all the time XD I pre-ordered both versions of the single, I probably shouldn't have but I haven't bought a Japanese single in awhile and I want to support them on the Oricon charts~ plus they're supposed to come with photo cards or something, and I love those. I am hoping to get lucky and get Yesung, my main biases in SJ are him and Min, and I already have Sungmin from Bonamana. I even have my third bias, Zhou Mi, so I really want a Yesung XD Kyu or Wookie would be good too, or even another Min~ I'll probably get Donghae or something though XDD but there's nothing wrong with that, I love Hae and all the others too! <3

KRY~ <3

So excited for the new KRY song + MV, from all the fancams and pics it looks amazing!! Wookie looked so adorable rocking out on that guitar, and the Yewook hug...omg, my fangirl heart /dies from cuteness

On another note, I watched a few random SJ shows today, sometimes I forget how funny they are. I saw a few episodes of Star Golden Bell, they were all really funny but I especially loved the one with Yesung, Sungmin, Kyuhyun, Donghae, Jonghyun, Key, and Onew. The SJ boys were hilarious and SHINee was just adorable <3 And then I finally got around to watching the SJ Intimate Note episodes, I've seen clips of the Miss Intimate competition and the letters at the end (LOL Kyubear, you weren't fooling anyone), but never the whole thing. It was super cute though, somehow I find awkward Sungmin to be really adorable. And Kyu being the typical evil maknae he is was just win, not to mention all of the Hanchul. I always read fics where Heechul teaches Hangeng bad words in Korean, but hearing him actually say it was great XD

I need to find some time to write, I really want to post an SJ fic one of these days, but I can never seem to finish anything. It doesn't help that I've gotten into trying to learn graphics lately (see my fail Wookie icon? XDD), and I need to catch up on school work. Ah well, I'll figure something out.

Kyubear T_T

Seriously, why is SJ so unlucky when it comes to cars? The members have been in how many accidents this year alone? I am so worried that something bad is going to happen soon. Again. It's bad enough that Kyu of all people, in the same month as the accident that nearly killed him, had another one. I cannot even imagine how he must feel right now. Having to go through that again, missing the last performance of his musical... all because some guy decided to drive while he was tired, from what I hear. I really think none of them need to be allowed near cars, ever again XD
But anyway enough of my ranting, I just hope everything is okay with him. Kyu, fighting! <33

off to bed now, why on earth am I posting this at 1 am?

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Wow, it's been like a year and a half since I posted in here XD
Think I'm going to finally start using my journal for more than commenting though. I went through and deleted any entries that weren't just fangirling, because no one really needs to hear me complaining about how crappy my life was 3 years ago. I figure I'll probably just do some fangirl spazzing here, maybe some personal stuff so people who friend me can actually get to know me if they choose. I might post fics here (if I ever find time to write anyway XD) but I'm thinking I might make a comm for that. Not that anyone cares what I do with my journal, I don't think anyone will read this XD
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Arashi got a million!

Don't know why I didn't post about this before, I've been home sick for 3 days, but Arashi officially broke a million with All the Best a few days ago, I'm so freakin happy for them! I might have cried a little when I found out XD

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Omedetou Arashi <3

Just a quick post to express my happiness over Arashi's first week sales for All the Best. It sold 753,000 copies, and now holds the record for best first week sales in 2009. I honestly did not think it would do this well, and I'm ecstatic that it did. It's now officially their best selling album, with more than twice the total sales of their first album (which was their best selling until now). Further more, they've had a great second week as well, already selling 60k+ copies, for a total of 815k. I was worried that sales would drop a lot second week, so I was pleasantly surprised to see that sales actually went UP on the second day of week 2 (first day of week 2 was 28k, second was 33k). I can't wait to see third day sales! At this rate, I KNOW they can reach a million <3

EDIT: Random note, but my copy of the CD FINALLY shipped today. So hopefully I'll be seeing it soon...I'm waiting for it to hear the bonus track or whatever at the end of 5x10 that I've heard is so awesome. I originally promised myself I wouldn't listen to 5x10 until I got my copy, but I just couldn't wait for that lol

EDIT 2: So far second week sales are 90-something thousand, for a total of 850k. Also, Arashi is number 1 on the GLOBAL ALBUM CHARTS. Tell me that isn't awesome.
150k more to go guys! <3
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